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How to Buy Our Domain Names

Would you like to buy one of our Big Buck domains?

We primarily use for all of our domain name transactions, but in some cases we can use a wire transfer.

Click on Make Offer or Buy Now to start the process with a domain you are interest in purchasing.

Just be aware, that we are only transferring the rights and registration to the domain name. This will pass the rights and registration to you at the domain registrar of your choice. This does not include any website code or content. Thereafter, you will be required to pay an annual renewal fee to your domain registrar to maintain rights to the domain. If you do not renew the domain name registration with your domain registrar, it will expire and you will lose control of it.

Feel free to send us an inquiry using the contact form below, and we will take any reasonable offer into consideration.

Be sure to include the following:

  1. Your Name (and Organization Name if applicable)
  2. Your E-mail Address
  3. Where you are located
  4. A list of the domains you are interested in,
    and please include your offer amount in USD
    for each domain in the message box below

We will typically give a discount if you would like to purchase multiple domains from us.

Most of the time, we will correspond with you the same day.

We are real domain investors based in the U.S.A, so we read/speak English only.

The domain transfer process can usually be initiated within 24 hours of confirmation of wire transfer or escrow payment.

Once were secure the funds, we will transfer the domain name and the ownership rights to you.

Please include any other questions or concerns you may have in the message box.


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